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Proactive Management Solutions Services

General Access Scaffolding:

  • Proactive Management Solutions is a one stop service for all scaffolding needs.  No matter how small or big the job you may have, we provide various types of scaffolding to give you the access you need to preform your tasks.  Our staff is trained to install and dismantle frame/sectional, tube & clamp, and system scaffolding.

Pedestrian Walkway Protection:

  • This system is typically installed over the sidewalks on the exterior of buildings.  It is used to protect pedestrians from potential falling debris from work being performed above.  Other items that can be installed with this system is a debris netting on the sides and lights inside for added visibility in the evenings.

Dance Floor Scaffolding:

  • Dance Floor Scaffolding is a temporary platform that is erected with scaffolding.  Projects can be completed in shorter timelines due to the accessibility for multiple workers at one time.   Typically, this application is installed for ceiling access for hotel lobbies and cathedral ceilings.

Rolling Tower System:

  • Rolling Towers are powered or unpowered movable scaffolds.  They are supported by caster wheels that allows mobility.  This system can be customized to the dimensions needed at your project.

Stair Tower System:

  • Scaffolding structures and platforms need stairs for easy access to the heights that may arise.  This type of scaffolding allows workers access to various heights utilizing stairs within a scaffold.

Canopy Protection System:

  • This system is designed to protect objects below from falling debris above.  Typical applications use by this system would be entrance ways, over equipment, driveways and pedestrians.  The canopy or “roof” can be constructed of shade cloth or plywood depending on the customers’ requirements.

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